Zombie Friends

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Canvas Zombie Friends

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Zombie Friends 

Discover a unique blend of creativity and craftsmanship as we bring to life five lovable zombies in a captivating grunge-inspired art piece. Crafted meticulously on high-quality wood ply, this print is an ode to the extraordinary and the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Prepare to be charmed by these endearing zombies, each boasting its own quirky personality and heartwarming expressions. With a touch of playfulness and a hint of nostalgia, this art piece is the perfect addition to any space seeking a dash of offbeat elegance.


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  1. good print quality
    Cool Wall Art. This wood picture is a nice touch for my room. The picture on it is clear and looks good.

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  2. Good buy
    This wood picture is super cool on my wall, and the colors are awesome

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